Fifty Pounds Sea Tonic

Fifty Pounds Gin and Chef Angel León present “Sea Tonic”

Fifty Pounds gin causes a sensation at Madrid Fusion with the new “Sea Tonic” which incorporates algae and plankton

Angel León (Michelin Star) recommends Fifty Pounds gin for the best G & T.

The highly regarded Charles Maxwell, Master Distiller of Fifty Pounds in London, was there to support the presentation of the new Sea Tonic

London, 7th of February 2011. FIFTY POUNDS GIN and Angel León, the “Sea Chef” (Restaurante Aponiente) who was recently awarded a Michelin Star, joined forces to present the innovative “Sea Tonic”. This revolutionary cocktail, which combines the super-premium London gin Fifty Pounds, tonic water and a novel infusion of plankton and algae, has been applauded by experts and aficionados as the most original and creative idea to have revolutionised the gin and tonic world in recent years.

The 2011 Madrid Fusion International Gastronomy Summit, where the latest trends in the sector are showcased each year, was the setting chosen to present this original creation.

Experts and the media have unanimously declared the FIFTY POUNDS GIN “Sea Tonic” to be the “sensation” of Madrid Fusion, an international summit which has once again brought together the world’s best chefs and cocktail waiters this year.

This “Sea Tonic” is the result of the revolutionary combination of FIFTY POUNDS gin with tonic water and an infusion of plankton and salty algae of the Salicornia genus, dreamed up by the brilliant chef Angel León.

The unmistakable green colour, the aroma and the taste of this drink “bring to mind the unforgettable feeling of sipping a gin and tonic on the seafront”, explains the creator. The exceptionally smooth and balanced character of FIFTY POUNDS GIN, which differentiates it from its competitors, makes it the ideal gin for this daring mix.

The presentation of this new cocktail at Madrid Fusion was backed by the Master Distiller of Fifty Pounds himself, the respected Charles Maxwell, who wanted to show his support for this important event by being present. Maxwell is a real authority in the sector: he is the Master of the Worshipful Company Distillers and his family has been one of the greats in the distillation of authentic London Dry Gin since 1685, with unique recipes such as that of Fifty Pounds, brought back to life 300 years on.

In the words of Charles Maxwell, in Fifty Pounds “the citrus fruits don’t stand out as in some gins, nor does the juniper as in other classic recipes, nor does it contain exotic or unidentifiable ingredients which distort or move away from the concept of gin”. It is, therefore, the ideal gin for the ideal gin and tonic.


Fifty Pounds Gin has a fantastic ambassador, chef Angel León, who was recently awarded a Michelin Star for his Restaurante Aponiente (in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain) in recognition of his role as one of the creative leaders of Spanish cuisine.

The chef from Jerez is known as the “Sea Chef” for his bold championing of seafood as a sustaining and innovative element of the more vanguard and daring cuisine, and who, simultaneously, manages to maintain links with his roots and the produce from his local area. This “Sea Tonic” is his latest and most revolutionary offer, complemented by Fifty Pounds Gin.

FIFTY POUNDS is a gin in the Super-Premium category which was introduced to the international markets when its recipe was revived after having been kept hidden for several generations of a family of distillers in London. It is considered by the experts as the best of the finest super-premium gins in the world, together with others in the category such as Hendrick’s or Martin Miller.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN is presented in an exclusive format with a design inspired by the aesthetics of the first original gin bottles, called Gin Case, which completely breaks with the predominant aesthetics in these type of spirits.

Fifty Pounds is made in the heart of London by a distillery whose legacy goes back two centuries and whose master is the Master of the Worshipful Company Distillers. From London it is exported for sale in more than 50 markets all over the world.

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    Hey, I was wondering, how many botanicals does Fifty Pounds Gin have?

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    esta muy buena

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