Fifty Pounds Gin triumphs in three of the world’s greatest competitions

London, 18th of October 2010. In just one year FIFTY POUNDS GIN has managed
to harvest prizes in three of the most prestigious international spirit and drinks
competitions in the world, held in London and San Francisco. 2010 has so far been a
particularly successful year for this gin which, produced in the heart of London,
originates from a traditional recipe from the 18th century.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN has clocked up three big awards so far this year. Next month it
will receive the Medal from the prestigious International Spirit Challenge in the
highest category of gins (Super Premium), at an event which will take place in the
characteristic Marriot Hotel in London.

This London competition has been bringing together the most prestigious spirit brands
in the world for fifteen years now. On this very competitive stage, Fifty Pounds has
proved itself worthy of its prize in the face of other great brands in the sector.
The gin has also triumphed in another great competition in the English capital: The
International Wine and Spirit Competition, known as the “Oscars” of the
industry. This competition brings together the world of wine and spirits in one single
competition to which wineries and companies from 80 countries around the world
flock. The independent judges of this competition have also chosen Fifty Pounds as
one of the best in the “Gin-London Dry” category, bestowing it with a medal which will
be presented in the eagerly awaited gala at the Guildhall Hotel in London also held this
coming November.
The USA has also fallen head over heels for Fifty Pounds. It has been the only gin in
the world to achieve an award at its principal competition. The San Francisco World
Spirits Competition is, in effect, the most important competition of all those held
every year in the extremely important North American market, where Fifty Pounds was
the only gin awarded a prize in the category of the “best spirits in the world” together
with whisky, rum, vodka, cognac and brandy.
Specialised critics unanimously favour Fifty Pounds, as can be seen from the success it
has achieved at these international competitions.
Alongside this applause from the critics, lovers of exclusive drinks maintain Fifty
Pounds Gin among their most select preferences. Thus, it is presented as a high class
reference in the best restaurants, hotels, specialised shops and cocktail bars in the
different markets in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.
Fifty Pounds is produced in the heart of London by a distillery which goes back two
centuries and whose master is the Master of the Worshipful Company Distillers. From
London it is exported for marketing in more than 50 markets around the globe.
FIFTY POUNDS is a gin from the Super Premium category which has been presented to
the international markets after its recipe was kept hidden and unpublished for several
generations of a family of distillers from London.
The key to the success of FIFTY POUNDS is found in its exceptional smoothness
and balanced character which significantly differentiate it from the rest of competitors
in its category. FIFTY POUNDS GIN is, therefore, “the perfect gin for the perfect
gin and tonic”.
FIFTY POUNDS GIN is presented in an exclusive format with a design inspired by the
aesthetics of those original first gin bottles, called Gin Case, which completely breaks
with the predominant aesthetics used until now on these types of spirits.

Rare & Handcrafted London Dry Gin


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