Fifty Pounds Gin has been chosen as one of the world’s best by experts

The most important Worldwide Spirit Competition, the London International Spirit Challenge, awarded FIFTY POUNDS a “Super Premium” medal, the highest category in the competition.

In its launch year, Fifty Pounds Gin gains the recognition of consumers and specialised critics.

London, 25th May 2010. FIFTY POUNDS GIN is chosen as one of the best in the world by the most prestigious experts in the spirit sector who formed the jury at the most important spirit competition in the world: The London International Spirit Challenge.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN achieved the medal at the International Spirit Challenge in the highest Gin category (“Super Premium”), which situates it amongst the select “Top Brands” of the most exclusive gins on the international market. Other super premium gins which have achieved this award are Martin Miller’s and Beefeater 24. Fifty Pounds thereby reinforces its position with regards to other big brands with prestige in the sector.

This important award, which has just been announced, will be presented next November during the Gala Dinner which will take place in the emblematic Hotel Marriot in London. Representatives of the sectors most important companies worldwide will be present.

The International Spirit Challenge celebrates its 15th anniversary with this edition of the leading competition in worldwide promotion of high quality spirits. Each year, the world’s most prestigious brands of distilled drinks and spirits (whisky, rum, gin, brandy, vodka…) are sampled and valuated according to strict criteria by a jury comprising the principal experts in the spirit industry.

The success of FIFTY POUNDS GIN in the market has been a knock out: in less than a year since its international launch it has been awarded the recognition of the most famous and respected spirit competition in the world.

This united applause by the specialised critics comes at the same time as consumers in different markets both in Europe as well as in Asia, Americaand Oceania are showing signs of high acceptance towards this new high level gin. FIFTY POUNDS can be found in specialised shops, cocktail bars and in the best hotels and restaurants.

THE GIN is a gin in the “Super Premium” category which has been brought onto the market this year after the untouched recipe had been kept secret for generations by a family of London Distillers.

The key to the success of FIFTY POUNDS lies in its exceptionally smooth and balanced character which makes it stand out significantly from the rest of competitors in its category. According to the head distiller in London “the citric elements do not overpower as in some gins, nor does the juniper as in other classic recipes, nor exotic or uneasily identifiable elements which distort or move away from the gin concept”.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN has an exclusive presentation with a design inspired in the aesthetics of those first and original gin bottles, known as Gin Case, which broke free from the predominant presentation style to that time for this type of spirit.

The distillery where FIFTY POUNDS GIN is produced is located to the south-east of London and has the prestige and solvency of a tradition through a period of two centuries. The head Distiller of FIFTY POUNDS is, in fact, the Chairman of the Association of Distillers of England (Master of the Worshipful Company Distillers). This distiller follows the same processes used centuries ago, known as Batch Process Distillation, which is the best and most effective way to produce ‘the finest gin spirit’.

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    Excellent Gin. Congratulations!

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