Gin lovers can congratulate themselves.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN is a handcrafted “small batch” premium gin made from a 100% neutral grain spirit which is steeped with carefully selected botanicals prior to distillation in a pot still.
FIFTY POUNDS GIN is produced in a distillery located in the Southeast of London with a consolidated tradition of excellence which goes back over two centuries.

According to its Master Distiller, “unlike in other gins, the citric fruit flavour is not overpowering, nor is the juniper, as is the case with other classic recipes; it has no unidentifiable exotic elements which may distort or veer away from the original gin concept”.

FIFTY POUNDS GIN is therefore “the ideal gin for the perfect G & T”.


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  1. James
    Posted Apr 12 2010 at 11:54 am | Permalink | Reply

    An amazing gin¡ where can I find it in Sheffield¡?

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